Kids Alive Colorado – Support for Children of Parents with Cancer

Who We Are

Kids Alive is one of the very few organizations
in the Denver/Front Range area that provides
this kind of support for children of parents
with cancer.

We are a unique and invaluable program is offered at no charge to any family where a parent is dealing with a cancer diagnosis. The program is supported completely by private donations, grants and Porter Adventist hospital.

Emotional Challenges

Imagine you aren’t even old enough to understand or express these emotions. Before the diagnosis, life was simpler. You were a fun-loving, happy, carefree child. Now…life is harder. This can be the reality of a child whose parent has been diagnosed with cancer. But now imagine you found a group of kids experiencing the same things. You also found supportive adults who provide a secure and healthy environment to guide you through your feelings. Most importantly, you found a place to be a kid again – to have fun, relax and be yourself.

This is the purpose of the Kids Alive Support Group. In 1995, the group was founded in response to breast cancer patients who were concerned about their children’s needs. Support was in place for the cancer patient but not for their children. Kids Alive has now served hundreds of children, ages 6-16.
Often, these families are exhausted – physically, mentally and financially. Fortunately, Kids Alive provides this needed service to families free of charge.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide a safe, helpful environment for children of cancer patients to express their feelings.

  • To create a place for a child to be a child… to experience fun, support and continuity of life… apart from catastrophic illness.

  • To facilitate a better relationship between cancer patients and their families, reducing guilt and anxiety in children.

  • To help parents interpret their children’s behavior as adaptive to the trauma in the family and improve communication in
    the family.

  • To develop awareness of resources for both parents
    and children.